Weddings: Rebecca & Miles

We almost had it all for this September wedding… our adorable and easy-going couple, Becky & Miles, who selected the charming Queens County Farm Museum as the perfect venue for their low-key, do-it-yourself affair for family and friends. They planned a ceremony out on the lawn during sunset with the reception following in the barn. They did the flowers and decorations themselves and had their friends officiating the ceremony. The stage was set for a magical affair. And then it rained all day. 

I had gotten there early before the rain and got shots of the venue and then the rain started and didn’t stop until the ceremony ended. Our couple, however, barely noticed… They were in their own little world of love and happiness.


This was the first time I had seen a couple getting ready for the wedding together, alone. I was able to capture this incredibly romantic moment as they helped each other get dressed.



The rain ruined our scheduled pre-ceremony photo shoot time, and the sun had set after the ceremony, so it was party time from then onward. Never having a better situation for getting a few shots of our newlyweds, I grabbed the couple before I left and fired off a couple of shots in their DIY photo booth in the back of the barn.

Congratulations again and huge thanks to Becky & Miles! Wishing you every happiness.

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